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Our Remarkable Selling Process:

Thinking of your home as a show home is daunting to many people, but with great guidance & the right strategy, we can combine forces with your family and win in this market together. Here's our game plan in 8 steps:


In the age of information we can shine the light on how homes like yours have been doing in the market so understand what's normal then reach out towards what's possible! We start by gathering the right information and coming to our first meeting prepared.

On Site Strategy

The first meeting is about understanding your situation and bringing you the right data to help make informed decisions. Understanding the value of your property, anything you can do to improve your sale value and developing a strategy from where you are to where you want to be are the core elements of our time together.

Prep, Pictures & Measurements

We start with concise advice on any necessary changes to take your home to show home then proceed with creating some of the best residential marketing imagery on MLS! Plus, we provide professional measurements at no extra cost to insure that your property is represented properly.

Listing Launch Week

It's a box office blast-off with Coming Soon & Listing Launch Day marketing designed to dominate the attention of buyers in the market place on opening weekend. As a top performing real estate team, we have an audience of active buyers ready to be notified of your property as it comes hot to the market!

Time On Market

While your listing is available for showings communication is key. We have a team to make sure you get the most notice for showings, mindfully collected feedback, and consistent updates on what's happening in the market. This process leads to a heads-up, client driven approach to solving the market for the highest sale price.

Offer Negotiation

Our team is focused on making sure that we are aware and engaging all interested parties. That awareness is key in making sure that the offer you deal with is the best offer. From there, we are trained experts in negotiation to reveal the highest price the buyer will pay, then you can easily decide if that amount is worth selling your home for.

Pending to SOLD!

During the due diligence process we are there to insure that there is no unreasonable requests and to continue chasing other offers incase the accepted offer is disrupted. We don't stop until we're well past the finish line.

Celebrate! šŸ„‚

It's time to plan that house warming party. We're on the work hard, play hard program so feel free to include us on your invites.

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